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The Parklands funding of these five sites is not the only greenspace development in South Essex. The Local Authorities, Environmental charities and other Government organisations are preparing bids for future projects. These will be footpaths, cycleways, new parklands, restored marshes, restored landfills and new visitor centres. Essex County Council are coordinating this work through the Greengrid Network, a network of all the co-ordinators and managers of these sites. It is expected that Parklands funding will encourage funding from other sources, such as Lottery, Landfill Tax and environmental charities.

Every year local residents will begin to notice the improved parks, marshes, footpaths, cycleways, bridleways and greenspaces of South Essex. When people think of South Essex in the future, the may not think of pylons, pipelines and pits, but instead should think of birds, bugs and bobbing along on your bike