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The Canvey Wick Nature Reserve

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Canvey Wick is a unique ex-industrial site at the west end of Canvey Island.

In the 1960’s, this 100 hectare/250 acre site, was never commissioned due to the oil slumps in the late sixties and seventies and the discovery of North sea oil and gas. As a result the site was abandoned and nature took over!

It was considered for redevelopment several years ago but environmentalists discovered that it was fantastically rich in plant, insect and animal species. The national Guardian newspaper ran an article claiming the site had as many species per square metre as a rainforest and is/was dubbed “Canvey’s Rainforest”. The Land Restoration Trust specialises in developing and creating green open space from ex industrial land and they have developed a plan to open the site to the public while preserving the important nature conservation sites. The plans include opening up paths on the site and having a small education centre where local school children and members of the public can understand more about this amazing nature reserve.

The Land Restoration Trust are seeking East of England Development Agency funding to complete the wider programme.

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