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MaxiGreen is an Interreg IVa project which is part of the Two Seas Programme. MaxiGreen is an abbreviation for “Maximising Green Heritage”. The project aims to plan for multi benefit green infrastructure, involve local people and communities and open access to the green resource.

There are several planned projects in South Essex:

• Creating a Vision for the South Essex Marshes to explain the context and visitor attractions of the Marshes

• Extending the Hadleigh Olympic Mountain Biking site in and around the Hadleigh, Leigh and Benfleet, by creating new access paths

• Creating the Thames Estuary Footpath from Tilbury Town to Leigh, a distance of 26 miles and the connections to the 6 railway stations

• A mobile phone application which guides the visitor through the Estuary

• A map of the Thames Estuary Footpath and its attraction

• A consultation with the nine local communities