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About Maxigreen

MaxiGreen (‘Maximising Green Heritage’) focuses on a number of areas close to the North Sea and English Channel to address common issues, such as transforming the image of disused spaces that currently have a negative perception into multi-functional areas providing economic prospects and recreational activities. Whilst preserving their natural and industrial heritage.

The project has been funded through the EU Interreg Iva Two Sea programme and is a group of European authorities and organisations who have worked together to tackle these issues. The projects within MaxiGreen are:


MaxiGreen was achieved through three complementing and interrelated work packages. Each work package had its own focal point, this being planning multifunctional green heritage (Work Package 1), increasing public awareness of green heritage (Work Package 2) and enabling access green heritage (Work Package 3). Please click on the ‘Work Packages Report’ and supporting annexes to learn more about the various steps taken and best practice by partners in delivering the MaxiGreen project.


Work Package 1

Work Package 2

Work Package 3

Communication and Dissemination

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